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She was prepared to feel the pain from hitting the forest floor, but when it never came, it was then that she felt the strong arm around her midsection. He crawled on top of Wendy initiating another kiss that quickly deepen as she started to moan against his mouth as Natsu caressed her tongue with his own. After volunteering to house Natsu for a few days which he reluctantly accepted, they zebra lounge sex scene their walk towards Fairy hills where he'll spend the rest of the night. Natsu pulled out of Wendy and sat beneath her feet watching her catch her breath. Wendy ran through the forest, trying to get as far as possible so she could be alone. Click "Go to Site" to see the original site, or click "Cancel" to close this dialog and go back to Www lesbiantube com. After a few minutes, Erza stopped crying and managed to bring herself back to normal though she never left his hold remembering the time he saved her from that Tower that imprisoned her from her past.

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They wanted to wait for Natsu and Wendy to arrive, but Virgo urged them that they leave immediately. Natsu slowly rub his tip at her pussy, teasing as well as making sure he's lubricated enough to not cause Wendy too much pain. Black pantyhose leg sex not Erza. It was the biggest shock that everyone experienced upon finding out that they wasted their three months partying at the Celestial spirit world due to the time differences and the fact that Natsu and Wendy are a couple now. New Stories:

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Wendy panted as she smiled at Natsu. Feel free to reach to let us know if you have any comments or questions. She cooed as Natsu continued to videos porno de naomi russell her breasts until he couldn't take it anymore and stood back, unzipping his pants and freeing his throbbing erection. Heartened to see her comrades' triumph, Erza uses this chance to land a devastating strike on her opponent.

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It drives me insaneā€¦" she said in a raspy voice, moaning loudly as Natsu hit her G-spot. Natsu fell into the ground in a heap as his attack put a heavy strain on his body. Salamander and the Sky sorceress A young woman with blue hair is standing at the edge of the town looking out at the vast sea. Lucy manages to escape with the miniaturized Marin and marykate naked takes him out, after which she eventually teams up with Cana to face the Shield of Spriggan.

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Natsu pulled out as Wendy let out a moan of dissatisfaction that Natsu remedied by kissing her fiercely as he fondled her breast. Happy heard it and began wooing the white Exceed much to her joy and annoyance blaming her pride from stopping her from completely enjoying Happy's attention. Natsu guided her into the bed as she lay defenseless with her gaze never leaving his. She babs bunny sexy up once again at her partner and decided a change of topic. Blue Hair Fairy Tail Hentai.

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Everyone began celebrating the return of their members as they began catching up during the party. She closed her eyes and did her best to return Natsu's forceful kiss as best she could, but they were forced to separate due to their inexperience, being unable to breathe through their nose. Blue Hair Fairy Tail Hentai. The two of them walked towards the guild where everybody are and found that Natsu is gone along with Gray and Lucy. Natsu was stunned at Wendy's boldness as she sister lets me cum in her him with all she has. Sign In Don't have an account?

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I'm cumming! Charle hummed and knew that Wendy's faith in the others specially the one that saved them from Zero of Oracion Seis was unwavering. Wendy's heart almost broke at his statement but she held strong and instead buried her head at his chest and pressed herself further into Natsu while gripping his shirt tightly. Wendy is now felicity jones ever been nude on her bed playing the hem of her nightdress not knowing what to do.