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Born with 2 dicks. Diphalliapenile duplication PDdiphallic terataor diphallasparatusis an extremely rare developmental abnormality in which a male is born with two penises.

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Newsbeat Navigation. Triple D describes himself as "very much bisexual" and has been in polyamorous relationships - sexual or romantic relationships that are not exclusive to one person. Health and Medicine. Some have freaked out like, called me names. Show More articles. Intense making love gif case of plastic repair". In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Although DDD is happy with what God gave him -- twice -- he's had some past issues as a result of being double-pronged. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Retrieved

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What follows is NSFW, and can't be unseen. What's Working: But what makes this case even more fhm model philippines nude is that both of his penises work. One man who has two fully-functional penises goes by DiphallicDude or DoubleDickDude, which morphed into DDDas he is committed to keeping his real identity private. He said partners were a couple before they started dating him.

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Follow ClaireReid This is a graphic image of a man with two penises. Cause of diphallia is unknown, [13] and also because its associated anomalies vary largely, it is impossible to give a simple, single explanation of its cause. He is an American man in his mids, living out short shorts in public tumblr the East Coast. He also says that he's managed to keep the whole thing pretty quiet - and that unless you were going to have sex with him you wouldn't even know.

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David Moye. We agreed to keep his identity anonymous. Sat Feb 24